Happy 1st Birthday Rylee Bennett / Orlando Birthday Photography

It never ceases to amaze me just how much happiness tiny people bring to their families. In this case, the tiny person is Rylee Bennett. When she came into the world last August, a miracle was born into the Vallery family. The amount of happiness she has brought to those around her is immeasurable–you can actually feel the joy the minute you step into the room with her. Her happy smile and spunky hairdo can instantly uplift your spirit and it was such a pleasure documenting her 1st birthday party.

Betsy and Jason went out of their way to put together the cutest lemonade themed party. From the perfect decorations, to the sparkly ONE tutu outfit, to the beautiful and YUMMY cake–it was a party fit for a princess. Family and friends gathered from all over to celebrate and I was thrilled to be the one to take the pictures:)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Rylee. May you always be as happy as you were when everyone came to celebrate your 1st birthday!

Here are just a handful of my favorites from our afternoon together:

 *LOVE *


Even though the party was for their little sister, I couldn’t resist taking new pictures of these two handsome guys! I cannot get over how much they’ve grown up since the wedding:)



Rylee is crazy in love with Colson & Jackson:)


Rylee is in such good company–Love these women!



It was so good to see Betsy’s sister, Sarabeth and her new husband James:)


And the youngest party attendee–at 5 months old, he’s such a cutie!


From here on out, I think every party needs a lemonade bar!

Blog_RyleeB_05Blog_RyleeB_13 copy

To say I’m obsessed with baked goods would be an understatement–needless to say these cupcakes from Sweet by Good Golly Miss Holly were out of this world!


Blog_RyleeB_11Oh, just look at this little face!



Scarlett Lily Turns ONE / Cake Smash Photography

This time last year I introduced everyone to one of the sweetest little girls on the planet, Scarlett Lily. She was born into one of the kindest families I’ve ever met. Now here we are one year later and she is cuter and sweeter than ever–which is pretty hard to believe given how perfect her newborn pictures turned out. And then there’s big sister, Grace. She has grown up so much since the last time I photographed her holding her new sister–where does time go??

We had to work fast with family pictures because summer is just so sticky, but more importantly, we had a cake to smash in the end and Grace could NOT wait to see Scarlett dig in!

Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_16Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_04Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_02Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_18Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_03Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_01Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_05Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_07Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_17Every country toddler must have a camo & pink tutu ensemble!


Scarlett went through the phases of a true cake smash. Step ONE: “Wait? This is for ME!?”


Step TWO: “Are you SURE I’m allowed to do this? No one is going to stop me from eating this with my hands?!”

Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_10Step THREE: “This REALLY IS all mine!”



Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_12Blog_Scarlett_Turns_One_13Step FOUR: “Oh my goodness . . . this is FANTASTIC!”


Step FIVE: “Happy Birthday to ME!”



Happy 1st Birthday, Ryan / Cake Smash Photography

The best way to celebrate your 1st birthday is by smashing a yummy cake! I have only met a small handful of kids that actually embrace the concept of “smashing” their cake. Most of them are too apprehensive or shy to really dig in and smoosh it around. Or sometimes they freak out once they realize just what kind of mess they’re in and the event only lasts a few minutes. And then there’s Ryan. This munchkin knew EXACTLY what to do. He smooshed, smeared, shared, and then went back for more. In the end yummy cake smears were all over the house and nearly covered Ayesha and John. I would say it was a smashing success:)

Just look at this little face!

Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_03Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_04Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_05“Um, what exactly am I supposed to do with this?”


“Gimme some more!”

Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_09“Umm–Daddy, you might want to get the wipes!”

Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_10Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_11Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_12Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_13Blog_Ryan_CakeSmash_02Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!


Welcome to the World Aiden / Orlando Newborn Photography

To say I’m excited to share these images would be such an understatement. It isn’t too often you find another family who is as dorky about Harry Potter as your own, but Denise and Ricky sure know how to embrace this literary classic:)

Aiden made his way into this world just as they expected–early! By the time Denise got to the hospital he was minutes away from making his grand entrance. He was just as perfect as his big brother, Cameron. From his dark hair to his sweet bow-tie lips, it was love at first sight.

Try as I might, I couldn’t narrow this post down any more. Somehow, I have a feeling no one will mind seeing so many of this cutie pie!

Big thanks to Madeline for this beautiful blanket–you can check out her work on ETSY

Blog_Newborn_Aiden_01Blog_Newborn_Aiden_16Love this little face!

Blog_Newborn_Aiden_03Hello my little Minion–welcome to my world!

Blog_Newborn_Aiden_12Blog_Newborn_Aiden_09Blog_Newborn_Aiden_02Blog_Newborn_Aiden_14Blog_Newborn_Aiden_07Blog_Newborn_Aiden_04Blog_Newborn_Aiden_15Blog_Newborn_Aiden_06Blog_Newborn_Aiden_11Oh, these lips!

Blog_Newborn_Aiden_05Blog_Newborn_Aiden_08Blog_Newborn_Aiden_13Blog_Newborn_Aiden_10Best father and sons picture ever! As an added bonus, Aiden decided to open his eyes for this last picture.



Catching Up with The Albert Family / Orlando Family Photography

It was been far too long since I visited with this family. Bobby and Ben have grown up so much and I’ve missed spending time with these guys. Robyn and Steve’s twins are so much like mine it’s scary. Their day-to-day routines are so much like ours that it feels like home every time I visit.

Here are just a few of my favorites from our morning together. Summertime sessions are so tricky, but I really love how these turned out:)

Here’s an updated shot of one we got a couple of years ago–you may remember the original where they took up much less space in these chairs!

Blog_Albert_Family_01Blog_Albert_Family_05Blog_Albert_Family_02Blog_Albert_Family_03Blog_Albert_Family_04Blog_Albert_Family_14Blog_Albert_Family_06LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this one:)

Blog_Albert_Family_07Blog_Albert_Family_08Blog_Albert_Family_09Can you guess which twin is a little more goofy than the other?