Isaac & Justine Get Married / Crystal River Wedding Photography

I first met Justine and Isaac at Rachel & Chuck’s wedding back in 2013, so when she contacted me about shooting her wedding I was THRILLED! Not only was she getting married at a venue I’d never been to (which is always one of my favorite things to do), but it also meant that I would get the chance to photograph a really fun couple.

Justine promised a huge wedding with really fun family and friends and they did NOT disappoint. From the moment Scott and I arrived, we were made to feel like family and treated like celebrities. Another great perk is that I got the chance to see some familiar faces from Rachel & Chuck’s wedding, including Chuck’s mom, Amy, who you will surely remember as a crazy-talented florist.  Luckily she was the one responsible for Justine’s flowers because they brought the sunshine for the day:)

I had SO much fun documenting this wedding. Even though the weather did not hold up its end of the bargain and it poured through her entire afternoon, we were still able to get some of the most beautiful images. We had to get a little creative to avoid the rain, but in the end it was clearly meant to be, because if the weather had been any different, there is no way we would have these shots.

This edit took a bit longer than normal because of it’s sheer size–I just couldn’t narrow it down anymore. I tried to condense the day, but it was simply impossible. I have a feeling no one will mind:)

Wedding Details:

Venue – The Plantation on Crystal River

Bride’s Dress – David’s Bridal

Groom’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Florist – Amy Stanley with Amy’s Community Florist

Bakery – Nonnie Cakes by Lisa

DJ – Erick with Your Next DJ

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_03Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_06Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_05Justine’s grandmother passed away just weeks before the wedding and one of the many things Justine did to honor her memory was to wear her bracelet:

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_02Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_04Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_12Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_14Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_09Amelia, sneaking some snacks before her long walk down the aisle!

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_11Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_13Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_10If I had any doubts about how fun these guys were going to be, this image should have given me a pretty good idea!

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_01Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_07Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_08Another sweet way to pay tribute to her grandmother was to give her the seat of honor front and center for the wedding:

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_22Justine held out until the VERY last minute in hopes that the weather would clear and the wedding could still be held outside, but since it was so wet, it had to be moved to this beautiful room upstairs at the Plantation:

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_16I’ve never seen anything quite like this entrance. When Isaac’s mom was walked down the aisle by these two crazy guys, the room erupted in applause! That set the tone for the rest of this ceremony and the energy continued throughout the day:)

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_15Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_17Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_18Everyone should have to agree to these terms before saying “I do” . . .

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_19Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_20Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_21Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_23Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_24Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_25Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_26Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_27Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_28When I asked the guys to pull up their pants for a shot, I never dreamed they’d keep them that way for the rest of the night . . . it was PERFECT!!

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_29LOVE -LOVE – LOVE

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_30Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_31Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_32Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_33Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_34Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_36Justine danced to “I loved her first” with her dad and during this emotional dance, they took a minute to poke some fun at Isaac:

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_38There are NO words for how fantastic this dance was between Isaac and his mother. The pictures will have to speak for themselves:)

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_39Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_40Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_41Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_42Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_35Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_43Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_44Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_50The DJ had Justine & Isaac play a fun game that included taking their shoes off–the crowd went wild!

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_37I never did get this kid’s name, but he had some SERIOUS dance moves!

Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_45Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_46Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_47Blog_Stuiso_Wedding_49Big thanks to my partner in crime, Scott for coming along for the ride!




Michael & Cheyenne Get Married / Crystal River Wedding Photography

The holiday wedding season is in full swing! For those of you who know me, you know I love exploring new locations–especially for weddings. When I got the text from Betsy telling me their son, Michael was getting married in Crystal River, I was thrilled to be able to work it out to be there. They’d picked the Lion’s Club Train Depot in town and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Toni & Malcolm from Bryant Production Events were on hand to work their magic, transforming the main building into a winter wonderland complete with the most beautiful lighting and decor. This duo never ceases to amaze me with their talents. And even though it rained like crazy, the wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was a such a pleasure to document this sweet event for such a great family.

Here’s a collection of my favorites from the day:

Blog_Monk_Wedding_01Blog_Monk_Wedding_02Check out the trinity knot in his tie:)

Blog_Monk_Wedding_04I had some extra time with Michael in the daylight, so we made good use of the time and light and goofed around taking extra pictures!

Blog_Monk_Wedding_05Blog_Monk_Wedding_09Blog_Monk_Wedding_10Blog_Monk_Wedding_07Blog_Monk_Wedding_06Blog_Monk_Wedding_12Blog_Monk_Wedding_11Blog_Monk_Wedding_13Blog_Monk_Wedding_14Blog_Monk_Wedding_20Blog_Monk_Wedding_15Blog_Monk_Wedding_17Blog_Monk_Wedding_16Blog_Monk_Wedding_19Blog_Monk_Wedding_18Blog_Monk_Wedding_21Blog_Monk_Wedding_23Blog_Monk_Wedding_24Blog_Monk_Wedding_30Blog_Monk_Wedding_22Blog_Monk_Wedding_08Blog_Monk_Wedding_27Blog_Monk_Wedding_26You would never know these were shot in the complete dark and in a total downpour!

Blog_Monk_Wedding_29Blog_Monk_Wedding_25I have to mention what a great family this is–in more ways than one–but for especially for this last shot of the night.  They pulled this off in only 2 takes–you have NO idea how hard this is when you’re writing numbers backwards:)


Benson Family Christmas / Waldorf Astoria Photography

Now this is how you celebrate the Christmas Season Florida style! Amanda keeps finding ways to up her game on the previous year’s session and I am so thankful to be a part of the entire process. This year’s family session was no exception when we hit the golf course at The Waldorf Astoria. The weather was beautiful, the colors she picked out were perfect, and Nathan was happy to hit a few golf balls during the session:)

I adore this family and I’m so thankful to be the one to document them each year. Here are some of my favorites from our morning together!

We started off by updating Amanda’s headshots–I must say, I’m pretty darn happy with how they turned out:

Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_16Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_03Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_02Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_04Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_05Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_06Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_07I cannot get over how grown up Allyson has become:

Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_08Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_09Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_10Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_11These remind me of the classic story Eloise and I couldn’t resist posting them!

Blog_Benson_Family_Christmas_12The northern relatives will be so jealous:


Rutherford Family Christmas / Clermont Family Photography

Have I said before that it’s my favorite time of year? The weather is finally starting to cool off and I get to see some of my favorite people! Jake & Kate came out to my neck of the woods because I’ve been dying to photograph a family in a field near my house. Clearly I have issues with random fields, but when they look this beautiful in pictures, they are so hard to ignore. Let’s try and overlook the fact they always seem to have remnants of dead animals and several types of unfriendly cacti and thorny plants. Thank goodness Maddy spends most of her days outside and a random yucky field didn’t faze her one bit.

Like all of the kiddos I photograph, Maddy has grown up so much since I last spent time with this family. She’s in kindergarten now and not only is she smart as a whip, but her little spunky personality allows for even more fun little faces than before!

Merry Christmas from The Rutherford Family!


Tanner Family Christmas / Winter Garden Family Photography

‘Tis the season for Christmas portraits and I am so excited for this season to be upon us. The hard part about living in Florida is that it never seems to “feel” like the season when we take these pictures. We always have visions of boots, cute sweaters and vests, and a crisp breeze in the air . . . and then we step outside and end up faced with the reality of 87* and 90% humidity! Oh, well–at least we aren’t having to shovel snow before each session:)

I met up with the Tanner family last weekend in Downtown Winter Garden for their family Christmas pictures to find that not only had baby James grown up so much since the last time I saw him, but Amy and James were also expecting a new addition to their family! Even though the weather was far from chilly, the lighting was perfect and the weather was beautiful for their session.

I’ve officially given up trying to narrow these posts down to only a sneak peek–I love too many of these pictures to not post them all!

Just look at this little face!


If you look closely, you’ll notice Amy’s perfectly round little bump making its appearance!

Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_06Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_14Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_01Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_09Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_04Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_05Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_07Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_08Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_10Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_03Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_11Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_12Just look at this sweet little face and his beautiful eyes:)

Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_13Family pictures can be so exhausting!