Welcome to the World, Ethan / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

I cannot think of a better way to spend a morning portrait session than to spend it with this snuggly little guy! Meet Ethan–he’s the newest addition to the Tanner Family and I am so excited to have been there to document all of his cuteness.

Amy and James are such calm parents and that shows in this little guy. He was a such a superstar for this session. He slept pretty much the entire time and only got cranky when it was time for a snack–photoshoots are such hard work for the model :)  Amy’s sister and her daughters were there for the shoot, too and they were such a big help in making this a successful session.

It was so hard to narrow down the images to just my favorites, so I gave up and decided to post a bunch!

I am still so thankful that Amy’s cousin, Madeline agreed to make a larger version of the blanket she made for Little James when he was born. Thanks to her, Ethan was able to snuggle on the big one!



Welcome to the World, Roman / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from photography to get caught up on life. But when I heard this little guy decided to make his arrival a few weeks early, I knew I had to take a break from the break and meet him! Roman decided that his due date was wrong and made his way into the world much earlier than anyone expected. Parents, Lori and Alex, and big brother Xavier were thrilled (and a tiny bit unprepared) for his early arrival. Everyone is doing great and I am thrilled to be the one to introduce this sweet little guy.

Meet Roman, he’s pretty new around here:)


Go Bears!


Contemplating life at a very early age:)


Oh, these lips!



Catching up with The Pham Family / Loch Haven Family Photography

Of all the little girls I get to photograph Gwendolyn is, by far, one of my absolute favorites. When you spend the morning with Gwendolyn you never know quite what you’ll get. She sees the world through the most hysterical and insightful eyes. Her imagination is second to none and she will keep you thinking long after you say your goodbyes. For this shoot, we spent the morning on the lookout for tiny doors. Turns out The Mennello Museum of American Art has an exhibit of Fairy Doors that were installed in various locations outside the museum and it was Gwendolyn’s quest to find them all:)  It was really great to see Sarah and Viet–we never seem get the chance to spend much time together outside of birthday parties, so I am always thankful for the chance to catch up when we meet for their family pictures!

Blog_Pham_Family_07Blog_Pham_Family_02Blog_Pham_Family_03Blog_Pham_Family_05Blog_Pham_Family_01Love this family!

Blog_Pham_Family_06Blog_Pham_Family_04Blog_Pham_Family_08One of my favorite pictures of Sarah & Viet!

Blog_Pham_Family_09Blog_Pham_Family_10I just love this little girl:)


Skylar Foister WOHS Class of 2016 / West Orange Senior Photography

One of the distinct advantages of being a teacher as well as a photographer is that I get the chance to photograph some of my favorite students. In this case, Skylar is not only one of my former students, but she also happens to be the daughter of a good friend of mine. When Monique approached me with the idea of doing Skylar’s senior portraits, I think I might have argued the possibility because in my mind it was impossible that she could be old enough to be graduating from high school.

Well, now here we are. It’s 2016 and there’s no denying the fact Skylar is a senior. I am just so proud of the person she’s grown into. She is a genuine, kind, hard-working, and sarcastic (this is why I love her most) kiddo and I adore her. Not to mention she loves my boys, which is an added bonus because we get the best sitter in town! I am so excited about the future she’s working on. I would be remiss if I didn’t say I was a little bummed that she’s chosen FSU instead of UF, but I won’t hold that against her  :)



Grandma - Pictures are great. How does she choose her favorite. Your comments about Skylar are wonderful. Dee

Arline glander - Skylar, beautiful pictures sweetie..so natural. I love them, trying to figure out which to enlarge..
Time goes by so fast..I can’t believe you are graduating..best of luck with your future Skylar, you are such a sweet young lady. So glad to have spent some good times with you in Aspen.. But especially the time at the concert in Denver.. You were just too cute..love you Skylar.. Remember you can do anything you set your mind to, all things are possible.. Aunt Arline

Sue & Colett Get Married / Winter Park Wedding Photography

Sometimes you meet the woman of your dreams, get married and live happily ever after. Easy. Simple. Other times, you meet the woman of your dream, wait 16 years for a Supreme Court decision, then get married, and live happily ever after:)

Sue and Colett planned the BEST celebration. Their good friends Jen and Darrell closed down their cafe (Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux in Winter Park), filled their walls with pictures and artwork from Sue and Colett, and filled the cafe with their closest family and friends. From the moment they walked down the aisle, Sue escorted by her mom and Colett by her dad, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. The celebration went on into the wee hours of the night and I have no doubt it was well worth the wait!

Sue & Colett have a house full of beautiful orchids. I cannot keep these flowers alive to save my life, but somehow Sue has the magic touch–which I’m thankful for because it meant I got to take this picture of their rings:

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_05Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_01After meeting Sue’s mom, it was easy to understand where she gets her spunky ways–she was so much fun to photograph!

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_04Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_07Colett’s dad was so excited to be there to celebrate her big day. I now understand where she gets her sentimental side:)

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_06Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_02Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_03Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_08Their cake topper was perfect–two chicks:)

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_09Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_10Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_11Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_12Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_13If you want to have a good time, call these chicks! I had THE BEST time goofing off with these ladies–they sure know how to celebrate!

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_15Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_14Colett’s dance with her dad was perfect–difficult to photograph through the snot and tears (this one got me)–but perfect nonetheless:

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_16Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_18Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_19Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_20Cheers to Jen & Darrell–they outdid themselves.

Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_21Blog_Sue_Colett_Wedding_22It was such a joy to document this day for Sue and Colett–I just wish I didn’t look so worn out at the end of the night!


Linda Esposito - What wonderful photos and what wonderful beautiful faces! Congratulations! Thank your for sharing.

I’m so happy you both find each other and have been enjoying a wonderful life. I wish both of you 60 more years of love and laughter!

Love your rings too.

All the best,


Theresa Gagne - It was an amazing wedding and we are glad we were able to be there to celebrate their very special day!!!

Wanda Jernigan - Wonderful pictures of this beautiful event. Love the story/comments. This is the next best thing to being there! Thank you for the posting. Congratulations Colett & Sue.