Tanner Family Christmas / Winter Garden Family Photography

‘Tis the season for Christmas portraits and I am so excited for this season to be upon us. The hard part about living in Florida is that it never seems to “feel” like the season when we take these pictures. We always have visions of boots, cute sweaters and vests, and a crisp breeze in the air . . . and then we step outside and end up faced with the reality of 87* and 90% humidity! Oh, well–at least we aren’t having to shovel snow before each session:)

I met up with the Tanner family last weekend in Downtown Winter Garden for their family Christmas pictures to find that not only had baby James grown up so much since the last time I saw him, but Amy and James were also expecting a new addition to their family! Even though the weather was far from chilly, the lighting was perfect and the weather was beautiful for their session.

I’ve officially given up trying to narrow these posts down to only a sneak peek–I love too many of these pictures to not post them all!

Just look at this little face!


If you look closely, you’ll notice Amy’s perfectly round little bump making its appearance!

Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_06Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_14Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_01Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_09Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_04Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_05Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_07Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_08Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_10Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_03Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_11Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_12Just look at this sweet little face and his beautiful eyes:)

Blog_Tanner_Family_Christmas_13Family pictures can be so exhausting!


Greenwell Family Christmas / Kraft Azalea Gardens

It’s been FAR too long since I’ve spent time with the Greenwell family. Life moved them out of state and out of my reach for just long enough for William and Daniel to grow up a little too much for my liking. Thank goodness they are back because it means I will get to see them more often and it also means I get to be a part of their Christmas pictures this year!

Even though they are growing up too quickly, their desire to explore and go on adventures is exactly the same. Random palm tree branches became brooms to fly on and climbing trees was a must. Trying to narrow down the images to a handful of my favorites was not an easy task, so I decided it was best to just post a ton of them instead:)

Merry Christmas from The Greenwell Family:

Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_02Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_01Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_03Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_04Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_05Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_06Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_07Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_08Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_09Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_10Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_11Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_12Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_13Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_14Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_15Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_16Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_17Blog_Greenwell_Family_Christmas_18I have to give proper credit for this last picture. Daniel wanted to help so badly that I showed him how to take a picture–he took about five and this was one of them–check out the sun flare he captured:)




Deborah - Absolutely beautiful!!

Paulette & Gordon Get Married / Patrick Air Force Base

Paulette and Gordon picked The Sweetest Day of the year to get married–October 17th. They were married on the beach at The Tides Resort at Patrick Air Force Base. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the handmade details of this wedding made the day that much more special. They spent the afternoon surrounded by family and friends and spent the evening goofing off at their reception–who could ask for anything more?

Here are a ton of my favorite images from the day. I gave up trying to narrow down the images and decided this would just have to be a long blog entry!

Blog_King_Wedding_03Blog_King_Wedding_04Blog_King_Wedding_07Paulette even made her birdcage veil!

Blog_King_Wedding_05Blog_King_Wedding_06Blog_King_Wedding_08The cutest ring bearer around!

Blog_King_Wedding_02Blog_King_Wedding_09Blog_King_Wedding_10Blog_King_Wedding_11Blog_King_Wedding_12Blog_King_Wedding_15Mr. & Mrs. King — it’s official!

Blog_King_Wedding_16Blog_King_Wedding_13Clearly Gordon loves The King!

Blog_King_Wedding_14Blog_King_Wedding_17Blog_King_Wedding_18Blog_King_Wedding_19Blog_King_Wedding_01Blog_King_Wedding_20Blog_King_Wedding_25Blog_King_Wedding_26Cheers to the craziest table at the reception!Blog_King_Wedding_23Gordon cheesing it up with Paulette’s mom:)

Blog_King_Wedding_27Gordon and his daughter, Natalie shared a very sweet dance.

Blog_King_Wedding_28Paulette hand stamped the beautiful peacock feathers and place cards for each seat. The colors were beautiful!

Blog_King_Wedding_24Blog_King_Wedding_30Blog_King_Wedding_29Blog_King_Wedding_31Blog_King_Wedding_33Blog_King_Wedding_34Blog_King_Wedding_32It was a lot of fun spending the day with these two. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness:)


Paulette King - Jackie,
So love these and can’t wait to see the rest of them. You are always amazing my friend!

Brent Monk’s Toast & Roast / Winter Garden Photography

What do you get when you combine a 60th birthday celebration with a hilarious group of friends and family? The funniest three hours of side-splitting stories I’ve ever been a part of–that’s what you get!

Betsy knew she wanted to go big for her husband, Brent’s 60th birthday party, but I’m not sure anyone knew just how big the night would turn out. She sought the assistance of Toni and her crew with Bryant Production Events along with Kenny from Uncle Kenny’s BBQ and the rest was pretty much history. From the red carpet entrance, to the golden throne (on which Brent spent much of his evening), to the classic candy bar (that NO ONE could stay away from), to the mouth watering BBQ, and endless stories of hilarious adventures–this was a night no guest will soon forget.

To have lived a life that could bring so many fantastic people together in one place, speaks volumes about the kind of man this family has in Brent. It was a night I will remember for a long time to come:)


Welcome to the World, Zoey / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

Living in my cRaZy world surrounded by all boys, it’s pretty rare I get to spend time with little girls–especially squishy newborn girls. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Jenny & Aaron would be welcoming a baby girl as the newest member of their beautiful family. You will remember their first born, Tanner, from his ‘Mustache Bash’ 1st birthday party. He’s so grown up now and the absolute sweetest big brother. Tanner is so kind and gentle and excited to be a big brother to Zoey.

Although newborn shoots tend to be a bit unpredictable and lengthy, this one was anything but . . . it was perfect! Besides spending time with great friends, this sweet little girl was a sleeping CHAMP and clearly knows how to snuggle:)

Meet Zoey — she’s pretty stinking cute:


There’s just so much happy wrapped up into this tiny little person:)


And then there’s Cubby–surely you remember him from Tanner’s newborn & 1st birthday pictures. I adore this pup!


Best family pic EVER:)


Even when it was Zoey’s snack time and she was a little cranky, Tanner stayed calm and reassuring.


I might need to get this image as a huge canvas for my own office . . . this might just be my all time favorite sibling picture:)


I think Jenny needs to open up her own Etsy shop and hire herself out to design rooms for people who need a great designer. She did Zoey’s entire room from scratch!


Cubby didn’t move a muscle–he’s such a good pup!


Meet Zoey, The DIVA in training–just check out those lips and hair!