Tanner Family Christmas / Orlando Family Photography

My favorite time of the year is here! Let the Christmas season begin with one of my favorite families. Amy and James make THE cutest kiddos and I was so excited to spend the morning with them last Saturday for their Christmas session. We met at one of the most beautiful gardens and the weather was gorgeous. Basically it was a PERFECT morning:)

blog_tanner_christmas_15These little outfits are just the sweetest–Amy knows how to properly accessorize:)

blog_tanner_christmas_01blog_tanner_christmas_02Just look at these little faces!

blog_tanner_christmas_04blog_tanner_christmas_05James is getting so big and today, he looked so grown up:

blog_tanner_christmas_06blog_tanner_christmas_07Trying to help Ethan sit up and fix his bowtie:)

blog_tanner_christmas_03blog_tanner_christmas_08blog_tanner_christmas_09Contemplating life — Little James cracks me up!


Catching Up with The Timko Family / Orlando Maternity Photography

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but we’re back and I am thrilled that it’s with this session.

Just when I thought Brittany couldn’t get any more beautiful–holy cow!  She and her husband, Pierce are expecting baby number two and they couldn’t be happier. What’s hard for me to believe is just how big Aubrey has gotten since our first shoot. She was just 6 months old then and now she’s ready to be a big sister!

I am THRILLED with how these images turned out. If you had seen where we shot these pictures, you’d be amazed. Let’s just say these turned out pretty magical in comparison to the setting we used. Thank you Brittany and Pierce for trusting me enough to brave these locations. Thanks also for remembering to bring the bug spray :)


blog_timko_family_02blog_timko_family_03blog_timko_family_04blog_timko_family_05blog_timko_family_06blog_timko_family_07blog_timko_family_09blog_timko_family_10What I love most about this image is that Aubrey helped take it:)

blog_timko_family_08LOVE – LOVE – LOVE


Welcome to the World, Noah / Windermere Newborn Photography

I am SO excited to share these images. Noah came into this world just two short weeks ago and he’s already stolen hearts. When you combine his sweet little face and perfect lips and then mix in his strawberry blonde hair it’s no wonder I was smitten! Elise and Jeremy are already such amazing parents–so calm and cool and collected–and it shows in Noah’s little personality. He was a ROCK STAR for his debut session and it was such a joy spending the afternoon snuggling with him:)

Without further adieu, meet Noah. He’s pretty new around here:

Blog_Newborn_Noah_14Blog_Newborn_Noah_09Blog_Newborn_Noah_04Blog_Newborn_Noah_03Blog_Newborn_Noah_01Blog_Newborn_Noah_05Blog_Newborn_Noah_02Blog_Newborn_Noah_07Blog_Newborn_Noah_08Blog_Newborn_Noah_11LOVE – LOVE – LOVE

Blog_Newborn_Noah_10Blog_Newborn_Noah_12Blog_Newborn_Noah_13Blog_Newborn_Noah_06Two of the happiest grandparents on the planet:)



Countdown to Baby Hecht / Winter Garden Maternity Photography

When I got the text back in January asking about my plans for July (accompanied by an ultrasound image) I actually squealed. Two of my favorite people were having a baby and I couldn’t have been happier if I tried. Elise and Jeremy are two of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph and the idea of documenting their growing family makes my job way cooler than most:)

Before we knew it, July was here and it was time to brave the horrendous Florida summer (pretending we weren’t going to be dripping in sweat) and meet up for their maternity session. We met in Downtown Winter Garden and ended up in a random field near Oakland (where Elise got the ab workout of a lifetime that may or may not have started preterm labor). The end result is a set of images I absolutely ADORE!

Baby Noah decided to come early and arrived yesterday. I CANNOT wait to get my hands on his squishy little face:)  Until then, check out some of my favorite images from our time together:Blog_Hecht_Maternity_15Cutest belly EVER:
Blog_Hecht_Maternity_14Blog_Hecht_Maternity_02Blog_Hecht_Maternity_03I have NO idea how she did this. It was a ONE shot chance to recreate an image from their engagement session and (thank goodness) I got it!Blog_Hecht_Maternity_01We had to work a little magic for this next series . . . stopping traffic isn’t always the safest thing to do, but HOLY COW I love these trees:)Blog_Hecht_Maternity_04Blog_Hecht_Maternity_05Blog_Hecht_Maternity_06Blog_Hecht_Maternity_07Blog_Hecht_Maternity_08Blog_Hecht_Maternity_09LOVE – LOVE – LOVE
Blog_Hecht_Maternity_11Blog_Hecht_Maternity_12Blog_Hecht_Maternity_13This just might be my new all-time favorite image . . . Elise was an absolutely beautiful bride, but she is even more STUNNING as a pregnant chick:)Blog_Hecht_Maternity_10

Aiden Turns ONE: Catching up with The Rivers Family / Orlando Family Photography

It is SO hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I met Aiden for the first time. We had so much fun with his Harry Potter newborn session that it seems like yesterday.

When you are born in July and live in Florida, it can make for a double-sticky birthday session. We met first thing in the morning, but that didn’t seem to help us avoid the humidity. Leu Gardens is always beautiful, so when Denise mentioned it for the session I was thrilled. Little did we know just how much humidity would hang around us in the shade. We just kept thinking how grateful we were that we weren’t in the wedding that was taking place in the Rose Garden!

Thank goodness funky-hot doesn’t show in these pictures. Ricky and Denise did a great job of hiding just how sweaty they really were:)I am super-excited to finally share this cake smash session. Happy Birthday, Aiden–may you always be as sweet as you were on your 1st birthday!

Blog_Rivers_Family_01Sometimes great pictures only require one shoe to be on!

Blog_Rivers_Family_02Blog_Rivers_Family_03Blog_Rivers_Family_04Blog_Rivers_Family_05Love Aiden’s happy little face!

Blog_Rivers_Family_06Aiden did such a great job keeping his hat on for this picture–Denise and I had to work quickly, but it paid off!

Blog_Rivers_Family_09Blog_Rivers_Family_07I cannot get over how big Cameron has gotten since the last time I saw him. He was a great “adventure” leader for this session.

Blog_Rivers_Family_15While getting Aiden changed into his formal cake-smashing attire, I turned around and saw Ricky talking to Cameron, relaxing in the shade and I am so happy I caught this picture in time–it’s one of my absolute favorites from the day: