Catching Up w/Amanda & Family / Baldwin Park Family Photography

How do you know too much time has passed since the last time you’ve seen a friend? Well, let’s just say that it took us far too long to calculate the last time we’d done family pictures–which basically means it’s been FAR too long all the way around. In fact–it’s been so long that Amanda’s sister, Ashley made a tiny human and that tiny human is about to turn ONE–that’s how long it’s been:(

All of that to say, it was wonderful seeing Amanda, her two sweet boys, and her husband, Cameron. A fantastic bonus is that I also got to see her parents, her sister Ashley, and the newest member of the family, Miss Cora Ray. She stole my heart about five minutes into the shoot! Next time we need to get all the sisters together–that way we will have a complete family picture:)

Here are some of my favorites from our morning together. Narrowing this down to a reasonable number of images to share was NOT an easy task:


Levi has grown up so much:)


Jackson, too has grown up so much since the last time I saw him–his eyes sparkle exactly the same though:)


What’s a photoshoot without a little hair pulling?


LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE this image!


Laila Stoppler c/o 2016 / West Orange High School Senior Photography

One of the best parts of being a teacher (as well as a photographer) is that I get to see my former students grow up and do great things beyond their crazy middle school years. Another distinct perk is that I get the chance to document their senior pictures:)

As in most cases, when I got the email from Laila, I was in total denial that she could be graduating already. Somewhat my defense, she DID fast-track herself to early graduation, but STILL . . . where does the time go?!

Laila will be graduating this week, six months ahead of schedule, and I am THRILLED to be sharing her senior pictures just in time for the celebration. I am so proud of all that she’s accomplished and all that she will be working towards (as soon as she returns from her celebratory trip to England).

blog_laila_senior_03blog_laila_senior_05blog_laila_senior_04blog_laila_senior_14blog_laila_senior_12blog_laila_senior_06Thanks for coming along to help make her laugh, Kaley. You earned BFF bonus points:)

blog_laila_senior_07blog_laila_senior_01blog_laila_senior_15blog_laila_senior_02blog_laila_senior_08LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this one:)

blog_laila_senior_09She only got a tiny bit wet . . . thank goodness she weather-proofed her boots first!

blog_laila_senior_10blog_laila_senior_13What a fun way to spend the morning:)



Merry Christmas from The Benson Family / Redtail Golf Club Photography

Christmas wouldn’t exist in the Ihnenfeld Photography world without this family! Amanda, Nathan, and Allyson have been with me for almost eight years. Through the years, I’ve taken thousands of images of this beautiful family. Amanda is always scoping out new locations and ensembles for their annual holiday pictures and this year she didn’t disappoint–Redtail Golf Club had the most beautiful lighting and I fell in love with this location the moment I arrived.  Just when I thought last year’s pictures were my all-time favorite . . . along comes this year’s and, for dozens of reasons, these are now officially my favorite! I have NO idea how we will top these:)



Tanner Family Christmas / Orlando Family Photography

My favorite time of the year is here! Let the Christmas season begin with one of my favorite families. Amy and James make THE cutest kiddos and I was so excited to spend the morning with them last Saturday for their Christmas session. We met at one of the most beautiful gardens and the weather was gorgeous. Basically it was a PERFECT morning:)

blog_tanner_christmas_15These little outfits are just the sweetest–Amy knows how to properly accessorize:)

blog_tanner_christmas_01blog_tanner_christmas_02Just look at these little faces!

blog_tanner_christmas_04blog_tanner_christmas_05James is getting so big and today, he looked so grown up:

blog_tanner_christmas_06blog_tanner_christmas_07Trying to help Ethan sit up and fix his bowtie:)

blog_tanner_christmas_03blog_tanner_christmas_08blog_tanner_christmas_09Contemplating life — Little James cracks me up!


Catching Up with The Timko Family / Orlando Maternity Photography

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but we’re back and I am thrilled that it’s with this session.

Just when I thought Brittany couldn’t get any more beautiful–holy cow!  She and her husband, Pierce are expecting baby number two and they couldn’t be happier. What’s hard for me to believe is just how big Aubrey has gotten since our first shoot. She was just 6 months old then and now she’s ready to be a big sister!

I am THRILLED with how these images turned out. If you had seen where we shot these pictures, you’d be amazed. Let’s just say these turned out pretty magical in comparison to the setting we used. Thank you Brittany and Pierce for trusting me enough to brave these locations. Thanks also for remembering to bring the bug spray :)


blog_timko_family_02blog_timko_family_03blog_timko_family_04blog_timko_family_05blog_timko_family_06blog_timko_family_07blog_timko_family_09blog_timko_family_10What I love most about this image is that Aubrey helped take it:)

blog_timko_family_08LOVE – LOVE – LOVE