Welcome to the World Baby Tiberius / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

The last time I fell in love with a little boy (that wasn’t one of mine) was Mister Eli Berkeley . . . that was until I met KK & Asher’s little guy, Tiberius. It’s always amazing to me that someone so tiny and less than a week old can have so much power over me. There just aren’t words for how snuggly and cute and melt-your-heart he was when we met. As silly as it sounds, I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to work, not fall in love with KK & Asher’s newest addition!

Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Baby Tiberius–get ready to smile!

One of the only pictures where he was a tiny bit awake:

One of the sweetest pictures of the day:

KK & Asher met playing soccer, so it was only fitting to start Tiberius off early in life . . .

Jillian - These are amazing! I love the photos and I LOVE the family!! Yay to Ty and Family!!

Chicago Wedding Photographers - What a radiant bride… I love her smile!!! Beautifully captured, I love how the emotion comes through so vividly.

Mr. Eli Berkeley Turns ONE!

I am famous for finding hundreds of different occasions to say, “Where in the world has the time gone?” But this time, SERIOUSLY! Where in the world has the time gone? I just can’t believe that it’s been an entire year since I first met Mr. Eli and all his cuteness. He was only a couple of hours old, but I loved him to pieces the second I laid eyes on him. Now . . . NOW . . . he’s ONE! Where does the time go?!

For his 1st birthday, friends and family celebrated in a “Seussical” way. Cat and the Hat decorations, cake, favors, diaper cover & tie . . . what more could a one-year-old ask for? Eli was surrounded by tons of  family and friends, tasty Green Eggs & Ham sandwiches, and some of the yummiest cake (made by his very talented Aunt Shelley) I’ve ever eaten! What a fun way to spend July 30th:)

I think the pictures pretty much say it all–it was a very, VERY Happy Birthday!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many tiny faces in one place to celebrate a first birthday!Eli woke up from his nap just in time to get his “game face” on for his big celebration!All well dressed men knows you need a great tie for every important celebration!!There wasn’t much time to do family pictures, but we took a quick minute to snap a few to mark this big day in the history of the Aber Family!

They are such a beautiful family:

The boys weren’t able to make it to Eli’s party, but I am including this next picture because the party favor hats were a HUGE hit with both Elijah & JoJo!

This last picture is not in focus and typically wouldn’t make it on the blog (shame on me for that), but I am including it in memory of a really funny and loving man. Claude, the gentleman on the left (cracking up at me and my foolishness at the party) passed away, VERY unexpectedly, a couple of days ago. Claude was Jillian’s Godmother’s husband and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Eli’s party. Claude and Jillian’s father (on the right) spent the better part of the afternoon under the tree in the backyard cracking jokes and having a great time. He will be missed by everyone that knew him and will be remembered for his great smile, warm heart, and hilarious ways.

Jillian - Thank you for making a special day even more wonderful!! You are the best!

Jenn, Chad & Lucas - LOVE them!!! Such a special day.