Meet the Hayes Family / Hammock Beach Resort Family Photography

This beautiful family was referred to me by a dear friend, Amanda:)We met for their first day of vacation at the Hammock Beach Resort and braved the summer heat to snag a few beach pictures. Once we were fully melted by the sun, we decided to head inside to the resort’s lobby to soak up some air conditioning and cool off before taking more pics.

It ended up being a great session and I am just thrilled with the images we were able to capture in spite of the heat!


Beautiful skies for this fun family:

Blog_Hayes_Family_01Their eyes might be a little squinty from the sun, but they were all smiles!


This pretty much sums up what life is like with twin boys–it brings back memories for me:

Blog_Hayes_Family_05Oh, these faces! They are tricky to tell a part–thank goodness for different color shirts:)Charleston is on the left and Harrison is on the right:

Blog_Hayes_Family_09Marina and Christopher were the kindest couple. It’s obvious how much they love each other and just how much they love their kiddos.

Blog_Hayes_Family_06Blog_Hayes_Family_07Christopher may or may not have been acting crazy behind me!

Blog_Hayes_Family_11Victory is a GREAT big sister. She knows just how to make her brothers laugh and was such a big help during their session.

Blog_Hayes_Family_08LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this image of Marina:)

Blog_Hayes_Family_10This was the VERY last shot of the day. I consider myself a pretty lucky girl for snagging this one:)


The Inches Family / Orlando Family Photography

How do you take pictures outside in Florida during the summer without sweating? Ha! You can’t. It’s impossible. No matter how early you start, there’s no escaping the ridiculous heat and humidity. What you can do is try to laugh it off by making silly jokes about random stuff so you forget how much you’re sweating for your family pictures. At least that’s what this family did! Andrew, Ryan, and Caroline were such great sports. It was HORRENDOUS outside and they kept smiling and trying their best to ignore the sweat dripping down their backs. Even in the shade we nearly died of heat exhaustion, but you’d never know any of this when you look at these pictures. I LOVE how they turned out:)


The Grund Family Goes to Disney / Central Florida Family Photography

Brian and Tiffany braved the Florida heat to take Ashlynn & Owen to Disney this summer. They were CRAZY. Which means they were also in the perfect frame of mind to visit our House of cRaZy Kids:)

Along with summer heat comes ridiculous summer thunderstorms. I was able to take my time trying to snap a few of the kiddos in the house, but had to bust a move when we took the family outside. With a looming storm just a few miles away, we had to move quickly to snag an updated family picture!


She takes this princess thing VERY seriously:


Owen just turned 3:)


Very seriously . . .


If you could have seen the weather, you’d be impressed this image even exists!


Wirbel Family Goodness / Anna Maria Island Family Photography

The last time I documented this family these kiddos were so little! I didn’t think it had been so long, but HOLY COW–if you don’t believe me click HERE to refresh your memory!

Fast forward nearly six years and these guys no longer have their baby faces because they have all grown up so much:(  My house of cRaZy crashed theirs on vacation and we were able to snag updated family pics on Anna Maria Island. The first shot was before the thunderstorm and the rest came after–clearly we needed to have stopped for ice cream first, then tried for pictures. The sky was absolutely BEAUTIFUL after the storm.


We almost missed the sun–sheesh does it go down quickly:


Maddie is heading into 8th grade and she is such a brilliant and beautiful girl :)


Jos and Gwen haven’t changed one bit since they were little. They still take pictures on the same side of each other! It’s hard to believe they are about to be 5th graders:


And these two will brighten anyone’s day–JT (he could also double as JoJo’s twin–see below) and Kara. They are headed into 2nd grade next year!


JT and his “other” twin, JoJo:)


Here’s what happiness looks like when you have a two sets of twins in one great family:


HUGE thanks to Natasha for snagging this picture of our family. The sun was gone, but that seems to be a tradition for our family pictures:)

There’s a whole lot of happy in this one image:


Welcome to the World, Roane / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

I’m getting old. I’ve officially been teaching long enough that my former students are now old enough to be starting a family of their own. How is this possible?

Jennifer was one of kiddos that was with me for two years–I taught her in 7th grade and then the following year when I moved to 8th grade. She was a brilliant writer, a beautiful girl, and one of the students that I just knew I’d stay in touch with through the years. Lucky for me because I was able to meet and document her sweet little guy Roane! He is already a heart breaker. His big blue eyes and perfect little grin makes your heart swell with happiness. Jennifer is such a good mom–so calm and cool–nothing seems to rattle her. Her energy is exactly what transfers over to Roane–he is one relaxed (and fortunate) little guy :)

In a perfect situation, newborn sessions take place within the first 10 days or so. In this case we weren’t able to make the session happen until he was three weeks old. Jen and I were a little uncertain about how it might all go down. The uncertainty was all for nothing because he was a ROCK STAR!

Trying to narrow down this post to a reasonable number of images was a very difficult task. Try and pick just one favorite–I dare you!


Oh, this little face!



Blog_Newborn_Roane_06Blog_Newborn_Roane_07Blog_Newborn_Roane_08Blog_Newborn_Roane_02Blog_Newborn_Roane_11Blog_Newborn_Roane_10Just look at the way he looks at her:)