John Kemp Turns ONE! / Orlando Family Photography

This little face could brighten anyone’s day! There is just something infectious about the twinkle of his eye and those dimples:)His face lights up when his big sister, Lauryn is near and he is happy pretty much all the time. John was such a joy to photograph and in the end, there were basically NO bad pictures–what more could I possibly ask for?


Welcome to the World, Emersyn / Winter Garden Newborn Photography

Meet Emersyn Kay–She is the newest member of the Parish Family and (if you ask me) is the perfect blend of her older brother, Caidyn and her big sister, Stella. This sweet face is seriously irresistible. I could have spent the day just snuggling with her. She was perfectly content with being swaddled and held close–too bad I couldn’t take all of her pictures that way! Jenny is, quite possibly, one of the most patient parents I’ve ever met (thank goodness, because these pictures took WAY too long to get posted). Both she and Chris are so calm and hilarious, and that’s exactly the kind of kiddos they make. It was such a pleasure spending time with this family for baby girl number two!

Love these happy facesĀ :)


Unlike Stella (who slept through this set-up), Emersyn decided to be wide awake while posing in Dad’s gear!


LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this one of Jenny & Emersyn:)


Stella decided to be shy and I couldn’t seem to get her to smile, but holy cow, look at those eyes!


This sweet girl has a heart on her upper lip–too perfect!


She took this picture VERY seriously:)



Just like Stella, Emersyn had a few ‘moments’ . . . here was one that was too cute not to post!


Before I left, Stella made me take a picture with her bitty baby, just like I’d done with Emersyn–I almost got a smile out of herĀ :)


Grace & Scarlett / Central Florida Unicorn Portraits

Growing up I LOVED unicorns more than chocolate chip cookies (and that’s saying A LOT). I was obsessed with the magical, mythical animals. Let’s just say I nearly FREAKED out when Crystal sent me the message about the possibility of doing a unicorn session. Was I interested?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

These images hold a special place in my heart because we were able to bring my childhood dream to life AND because two of my very favorite girls are in them:)Grace is headed to Kindergarten–which seems impossible. Scarlett is now three and FEARLESS. It was such a joy to spend the morning with this family and their four-legged friends!

Shout out to my friend Chip who tirelessly held the reflector so we could capture the perfect light for these pictures and to Garrett for being our unicorn whisperer!

Blog_Unicorn_Pictures_10Happy 3rd Birthday to this spunky little girl:


LOVE this face!


Bailey was so calm for this session–he had no idea that he was being transformed into a magical unicorn:)




Looking at Grace in this picture reminds me SO much of Crystal and her little sister, Amanda when they were young:

Blog_Unicorn_Pictures_06Blog_Unicorn_Pictures_04Blog_Unicorn_Pictures_02Life is better with a song . . . and Scarlett will sing it for you!

Blog_Unicorn_Pictures_05This blog entry is dedicated to sweet Henry, Bailey’s best horse friend. He ran wild in the field next to our session wanting us to bring him treats. Sadly he passed away just a few short days after.

Crystal Myers - I cannot even express in words just how much I love these!! They are perfect and are so very special to us. Thank you for also dedicating them to sweet Harry. These will forever display this sweet time in my girls’ lives when they love unicorns and just have that magical innocence and love of life. You are incredible Jackie and I’m so grateful for you! THANK YOU!

Meet the Hayes Family / Hammock Beach Resort Family Photography

This beautiful family was referred to me by a dear friend, Amanda:)We met for their first day of vacation at the Hammock Beach Resort and braved the summer heat to snag a few beach pictures. Once we were fully melted by the sun, we decided to head inside to the resort’s lobby to soak up some air conditioning and cool off before taking more pics.

It ended up being a great session and I am just thrilled with the images we were able to capture in spite of the heat!


Beautiful skies for this fun family:

Blog_Hayes_Family_01Their eyes might be a little squinty from the sun, but they were all smiles!


This pretty much sums up what life is like with twin boys–it brings back memories for me:

Blog_Hayes_Family_05Oh, these faces! They are tricky to tell a part–thank goodness for different color shirts:)Charleston is on the left and Harrison is on the right:

Blog_Hayes_Family_09Marina and Christopher were the kindest couple. It’s obvious how much they love each other and just how much they love their kiddos.

Blog_Hayes_Family_06Blog_Hayes_Family_07Christopher may or may not have been acting crazy behind me!

Blog_Hayes_Family_11Victory is a GREAT big sister. She knows just how to make her brothers laugh and was such a big help during their session.

Blog_Hayes_Family_08LOVE – LOVE – LOVE this image of Marina:)

Blog_Hayes_Family_10This was the VERY last shot of the day. I consider myself a pretty lucky girl for snagging this one:)


The Inches Family / Orlando Family Photography

How do you take pictures outside in Florida during the summer without sweating? Ha! You can’t. It’s impossible. No matter how early you start, there’s no escaping the ridiculous heat and humidity. What you can do is try to laugh it off by making silly jokes about random stuff so you forget how much you’re sweating for your family pictures. At least that’s what this family did! Andrew, Ryan, and Caroline were such great sports. It was HORRENDOUS outside and they kept smiling and trying their best to ignore the sweat dripping down their backs. Even in the shade we nearly died of heat exhaustion, but you’d never know any of this when you look at these pictures. I LOVE how they turned out:)