Ben Torres ROCKS! / Orlando Band Photography

Christmas break has been pretty busy this year! Family came down to visit from Chicago and in addition to snuggling with my two little guys at home, I got to meet and photograph some pretty sweet newborns as well. Another great day was spent hanging out with the very talented Ben Torres–a local singer/songwriter/guitarist who is about to release his first album. I was honored when they asked if I would be the one to shoot his cover art! I will save the final product for later when the album is ready for release–in the meantime, here are several of my favorites from our shoot last weekend. A big shout out goes to Ben’s mom, sister, and my girl Kate for being there to assist with wardrobe, hair, and lighting. You guys all ROCK!

Kate - Love..Love..Love the pictures.Ben definitely nailed the David Lee Roth jump!

Phyllis - These pictures are awesome. Great photgrapher, and obviously Ben gets his good looks from his Aunt Phyllis. Duh!

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